Let's Animate!


Animate your dreams and bring them to life! An extremely fast hand-drawn animation app for iPad and Apple Pencil. Animators will love the simplicity and ease of use which lets them quickly sketch out animations and beginners can focus on improving their drawing and timing.


Beautiful Brush

Single black brush with seamless Apple Pencil integration. Easily draw straight lines with long press hold.

Easy Selection

Translate, rotate, scale selections. Copy paste selections between frames and change the origin point for full control

Fast Editing

Tap and drag to add duplicate frames fast. Insert,delete and copy/paste operations included for precise timing.

Easy Coloring

Color and erase automatically below black line layer. No complicated layer workflow, fast fill operations.

Layout Mode

Layout mode allows you to plan out keyposes or backgrounds seamlessly. Toggle layout mode on or off to overlay on scene

Expert Mode

Expert mode switches the UI off completely, with gesture driven operations for brush size, tool switching and scrubbing .

iCloud Sync

Sync seamlessly using iCloud. Export movies with mp4 and GIF formats for fast and seamless workflow with other devices and users.

Intuitive Gestures

Draw and animate seamlessly with gestures for navigation. Zoom, pan and draw with a combination of touches and Apple Pencil taps.

Export MP4/GIF

Export MP4 and GIF movies locally for use in other programs. Share movies using standard Apple tools in My Files.

Apple Pencil

Use a slider to control Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity. Long press hold to draw and position straight lines intuitively.

Bundled Animations

Library animations with ranging from basic walks/runs to timed storyboards and advanced animations. Perfect for learning and improving posing and timing.

Playback Speed

Slowdown and speedup animations for different mediums. Playback speed can be aletered from 24fps to 2fps for precise timing control